Pass Plus

Find your nearest Pass Plus instructor

Returning to driving
after a break or
been leaving abroad?

Are you a new driver with less than 2 years experience?

Experienced drivers who
need proof of ability

Let’s make a plan..
You’ll then go for a short assessment drive and the two of you will decide what elements of the course to concentrate on and the roads and areas to use.

Let’s get started…
You and your Pass Plus instructor will chat about what driving you have done so far and what you wish to achieve from the course.

Individually tailored for you…
You may wish to focus on the route to work, particular difficult junctions, motorways, night driving.Your receive expert guidance throughout.

Your driving lessons and test will have given you experience on standard roads - Pass Plus starts where your driving test finished.

Pass Plus isn’t about passing
a test, it’s about gaining quality driving experience safely
with an expert.

You’ll start off on familiar roads and work your way through to feel confident with the points of concern.

It may be that you haven’t driven for a while and need to refresh your skills or build confidence.

Perhaps you have been living in another country for some time and need to bring yourself up to date with current legislation.

In any event, the course will help you feel more confident on the road and help you improve your driving skills.

Are you an experienced driver who needs to prove your driving ability to your employer or local council?

If so, you can work your way through the Pass Plus Syllabus and maybe gain some pointers and tips from your Pass Plus instructor.

At the end of the course, your Pass Plus certificate is proof of your driving ability.